Springpad Says Farewell

Springpad app will be shutting down on June 25 (Photo Credit: beginnerstech.co.uk)

Springpad app will be shutting down on June 25 (Photo Credit: beginnerstech.co.uk)

Unfortunately, it’s time to say goodbye to another one of my favorite apps.

Earlier this year, I introduced you guys to Springpad—an app designed to help you plan, organize and share information regarding anything from important lists to your favorite recipes through notebooks and “springs”.

And once again, Evernote is taking over!  I feel like I’ve had to do so many of these posts lately—it seems like Evernote is taking over all of my favorite apps! Luckily, I’m a big fan of Evernote too, so I believe that Springpad is in good hands!

Springpad is officially shutting down on June 25th. You have until then to export your data, either to Evernote or to HTML and JSON files. Fortunately, Springpad has released an export tool that gives you the option to export your data to all three, in just a few simple steps.

Here’s how to transfer your data to each of the following:

1.     Evernote: Begin transferring your data at springpad.com/savemystuff. This will allow all of your Springpad data to move into an existing Evernote account. Once you transfer your data, all of your notes and notebooks will be available at evernote.com and sync on all of the Evernote apps. Luckily, you’ll be able to continue capturing and organizing all of the things you want to remember!

2.     HTML file: An HTML export is also available through springpad.com/savemystuff. This will give you a zip file that can be stored safely on your computer. It will include a copy of all of your data that you can search and filter by notebook, type and tag. Once you save it to your computer, you can reference your data at any time via any web browser. It will also include a single folder of all of your attachments, photos and files and a file that can be used by other services to import your data.

3.     JSON file: When you download the export file, it will also include a JSON file that can be used by developers of other apps or services to import your data. More information about how to build importers can be found here.

Be sure to spread the word about June 25th so you and your friends don’t lose any precious information!  What will you do without Springpad?

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  1. You Know Who This Is :)
    You Know Who This Is :) says:

    This is absolutely devastating! 🙁 Thanks for looking into all the great ways to save your stuff!


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