Grandma Knows Best (Productivity Tips That Stand The Test of Time)

grandma-3Coastal grandma style is trending this summer. But there’s more that grandmas can teach you besides how to dress. Whether your grandma was an expert coupon-er or kept all her coupons in a repurposed can, you can learn a lot from their ability to save money (and time).

Here are few ways being more like your grandma could help you save time and money:

Check Email in Batches: My husband’s grandmother only checks her email a few times a week. She doesn’t do it in between other activities, but sees it as a daily task, much like reading the mail. Grandparents I know also tend to respond to each email right away rather than saving it for later. The younger generation tends check emails constantly, often as a way of procrastination. Checking your email once a day like your grandma allows you to be more focused on your other tasks.

Wake Up Earlier – If you’ve ever stayed over at your grandparents’ house you’ll notice they probably got up hours before you. Often they like to get their chores out of the way in the morning so they can enjoy the rest of their day. Setting up tasks to be done before work means there’s a higher chance you’ll actually get those things done. That way you’ll get them out of the way and feel much more accomplished and productive before you sit down at your desk.

Hack Your Shopping Trip – Grandmas have a habit of treating shopping like their organizing the Super Bowl, not just picking up a few groceries. They always go out armed with lists that are finely tuned with their requirements. Some go as far as to write the list based on the layout of each aisle in their favorite stores. You might laugh at your Grandma for being over prepared, but having a plan means you’ll be faster and less likely to buy things you don’t need.

More Efficient Cooking – Having lived through times of austerity many older people know how to get more mileage out of each meal. Grandmas are often known for using last night’s leftovers for lunch or combining leftovers to make another evening meal. Making meals in bulk and re-using leftovers is a great way for a busy person to save time and money.

Repurpose Everything – Grandparents don’t like to throw anything away and they are often the masters of finding new uses for stuff that’s old or broken. My grandfather was wonderful at reimagining new uses for the paper clips or thumbtacks I was trying to throw away. has some great advice on how to give a new purpose to everyday items.

What tips did your grandparents give you?

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