Cute Animals Can Increase Your Productivity


I love animals, I even have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to cute animal pictures. As much as I love them however, I wouldn’t have considered them to be a productivity tool. Little did I know that researchers at Hiroshima University have proved me wrong. Their study shows that looking at cute pictures or videos of animals triggers care giving impulses, which may actually improve your work performance. That’s because you’re more likely to be attentive and careful. So next time you’re in work, ask your boss if you can get rid of the printer on your desk to make room for a Large hamster cage!

So next time your struggling at work why not check out one of these cute videos:

Kitten meets Hedgehog


Corgi Puppies


Hamster Eating Burritos


Bunny Eating Raspberries


Or check out my Pinterest board:

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What are some of your favorite cute animal videos?

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