TalkTo App is Now Path Talk

pathI’ve written a lot about TalkTo on this blog and on social media. It’s the app allows you to text local businesses.

Well, the TalkTo app no longer works… the company joined forces with another and the app is now called Path Talk.

Unfortunately the interface is a bit different and takes a little getting used to.  I’ve been testing it out the past few days.

When you download the new app you’ll notice that contacting businesses has now moved under the “Places” tab. The Path Talk website says the app is free to use for a limited period of time, though it’s not clear how long that is.  After that you can sign up for the premium service, however the prices and what you will get for that service are not very clear either. I’ll see what else I can find out and update this when I know more.  

How To Update the App

According to the Path Talk website, existing TalkTo users should move to Path Talk immediately, the TalkTo app is no longer functional. Make sure you get the latest 1.1 version of Path Talk, and that you’ve validated your US or Canadian phone number in the app.

If you had a Fast Pass Q&A subscription for TalkTo, your last subscription payment has been refunded (you should see a refund appear on your statement in the next few days) and you will no longer be billed.

What Can You Do With Path Talk? 

You can use the app to text your friends but that’s not all.  The upside is that Path Talk stays faithful to the TalkTo model so you can still use it to:

Make appointments – Never sit on hold with a receptionist again. Go ahead – feel rich and famous while you let the app schedule your next haircut, spa treatment, or yoga class.  I once had my the tech at my nail salon ask me, if “that was my husband who called.” Ha!

Reserve a table – You can make, change, or cancel all of your dinner reservations. Text your restaurant of choice when you’d like to eat, and spend the time you would have on the phone perusing the menu ahead of time or planning the perfect dinner-date outfit!

Compare prices – Need to replace your iPhone charger but don’t know the cheapest place to find one nearby? Text a few local tech stores asking for their prices and sit back while you wait for the lowest bid. It feels good to shop smart in the 21st century!

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