Lists Are This Fashion Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon

Katrina 1Putting together a work wardrobe is a daunting task. You can spend hours looking for a look that’s smart, but not too much – that’s flattering, but not too flashy, and deciding whether Fake Gucci vs real Gucci is the best option for you. Stitch Fix is a website that helps you outsource your shopping, finding looks that work for you without having to navigate the mall. The CEO of Stitch Fix, Katrina, understands the importance of outsourcing tasks and is also a list maker like me! The successful entrepreneur shared how her lists help her to be less crazed and get things done.

1. Why do you call yourself a compulsive list producer?

I need to keep lists to stay organized, but I also get a lot of reward out of checking things off of lists. On the most daunting days, checking a few things off my lists helps me feel like I’ve been successful

2. What do you make lists about?

I make lists of interesting people I’d like to meet, ideal candidates for jobs, and groceries!

3. How often do you make lists?

I work with lists every single day. I refresh my lists frequently and create a new around once a week.

4. What type of list do you make the most? (tasks, pros and cons, agendas, etc)

I spend most time with my people lists. Much of my time is spent meeting and recruiting talent, so making lists of candidates, whether they’re actively involved with me or not, helps me stay organized. I also like to keep lists of my business goals, objectives and key results help your business to be successful so I also keep a close eye on how close we are to reaching them, and what we could do to improve.

5. How do you make lists? (Handwritten/email/apps)

For most of my task lists, including my recruiting lists, I use Google Docs. I also use the Notes app in my iPhone a lot.

6. How have you found lists help you succeed in your personal and professional life?

Professionally, I have found lists to be helpful in recruiting, finding advisors, and identifying people who are experts in different fields. Personally, I recently moved into a new home and am planning my wedding, so lists have been vital in keeping my fiancé and I on track.

7. What is the most interesting list you’ve ever made?

I have a Google Doc where I keep track of all of the thank you cards I have ever sent. I document whenever I send a thank you card, because otherwise I will forget when I sent them or if I sent them at all

8. What’s #1 on your bucket list?

Traveling to New Zealand, which I’ll be doing at the end of this year for my honeymoon

Katrina Lake, Founder & CEO, Stitch Fix is passionate about helping women achieve everyday confidence. She founded Stitch Fix to help women everywhere discover and explore their style through a truly client-focused shopping experience.

Prior to founding Stitch Fix, Katrina developed extensive experience at the intersection of fashion, retail, and technology. She managed the blogger platform at venture-backed social commerce company Polyvore and consulted with a variety of e-commerce and traditional retailers during her time at The Parthenon Group. Additionally, she has invested in and worked with dozens of entrepreneurs and start-ups at Leader Ventures.

Katrina holds a B.S. in Economics from Stanford University and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.

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