Post-It Notes Go Digital

post-it-plus-app-ipadWe may have smartphones, Kindles and tablets, but the simple Post-It note remains one of the greatest productivity tools and a must have for list makers everywhere. I use Post-It notes all the time, and there are days when my desk is basically covered in them. So you can imagine how excited I am that there is an app for your sticky notes called Post-It Plus!   

The app uses the camera on your phone to capture up to 50 of the squares at one time. You can then sort your notes by category or share with friends and colleagues. You can also export your notes to PowerPoint, Excel, Dropbox and other places so you can access them whenever you need to. For now the app only recognizes square Post-it notes, but updates are supposed to be on the way.

So no more rummaging through your desk trying to find that little yellow square! I’ve taken photos of notes in the past but this makes it super easy to find them again.

What would you use the Post-It Plus app for?

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