I’m Grateful for You…

to my wonderful readers!It’s been just about four years since I started writing this blog. My goal has been to help you become more productive and learn to use lists to get more out of your lives. It may sound a bit simple, but when you write to tell me how much this blog or my book, Listful Thinking, helps you personally — I value it so much.

I’ve written about keeping a gratitude journal in the past. It’s something I really believe in.  The act of writing a list of all that I’m thankful for can boost my mood and make me happier.   So I’m taking this opportunity to let you all know that you’ve been on my gratitude list for quite some time. Thank you to the regular readers of this blog for all the help and support you’ve given me over the years.

Below are a few of the delightful messages I’ve received recently:

“The List Producer has been an inspiration since the day I found your website.  I clear my entire email inbox and reward myself with your reading your post with no distractions.”

“Your book as most definitely saved my life…. I almost never leave the house in a rush in the morning and I have everything packed and ready for work the night before. I don’t get overwhelmed or extremely stressed anymore.”

Sometimes it’s as simple as replying back to my emails with a quick, “this one was cool” or “thank YOU … soooo VERY helpful this Monday after a very stress-filled weekend!!!!”

I’m thrilled that my work is resonating with you and I’d love it if you keep sending me those little messages.  I do read every one.  Thank you!

Ok, now it’s your turn — what are you grateful for today?

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