Meeting “Listful Thinkers” at Book Expo America

BEA1Sometimes it’s important to look back in order to move ahead.  That happened to me last week when I attended my fourth Book Expo America conference.  I go every year for my day job as a senior health producer at Fox News.  I meet with publishers to talk about their new health, wellness and medical books that are coming out in the next year.

But this year I also attended as an author.  What a thrill!  I met with some list makers during two signings that my publisher set up.  One woman took out her huge binder to show me all her lists.  I couldn’t believe that she lugged it around with her everywhere, but she said she wouldn’t think of writing lists anywhere else.  

BEA3Another author told me he couldn’t wait to read “Listful Thinking” because lists have been his secret for years. Plus there were lots of questions about what my favorite list-making apps are. Almost everyone I talked to said they still make their lists by hand.

When I attended my first BEA four years ago, this blog was just 1 month old.  I yammered on about “this blog I just started about lists” to anyone who would listen.  And wouldn’t you know – someone really important was listening…my publisher.  Yep – that’s how I met the publisher, Viva Editions, who produced Listful Thinking this year.  She’s a huge list maker and once called my book “her bible.” How sweet is that? I’m so grateful I ran into her at the enormous trade show. What were the chances?

There are time markers that allow you to really look back and see how far you’ve come.   It’s always comforting that BEA is that marker for me every year.  I get a chance to really remember how this journey began every time I step foot onto the show floor — and I get the opportunity to look ahead.


Love meeting people who are just as crazy about lists as me! These two blog at – check them out!

On my to-do list this year for

  1. More speaking engagements to help people use lists in the most effective way possible
  2. Create information products that will make you less stressed and boost your productivity in a big way
  3. Host more webinars and teleseminars so we can interact and chat about our lists in person

Leave a comment if there’s something you’re struggling with that you’d like my help with in the world of lists, productivity and time management.

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  1. Tom Alicandri
    Tom Alicandri says:

    Bought your book after seeing your Father Lou On FACEBOOK and it is one of my favorite books of the year Thanks Paula


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