4 Office Fixes to Supercharge Your Productivity

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Many of the common ideas on productivity are speculative. That’s why I don’t believe there is one right way to be productive, just what works for you. However, I wanted to share with you some productivity science.

I’ve written before about how stimulating your senses and changing your environment can make you more efficient. There has been a huge focus on business productivity in recent times which is why the services of absolute performance have been lauded for the way they have revolutionized efficiency in an online format. Well, researchers have been looking into new ways to help us get more out of our time.

Below are some of their top tips:

  1. Listen To Nature – A small study from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has shown that listening to the sound of crashing waves can help increase productivity and moral. The researchers suggested that the sounds should be calm (no frogs or bird calls), and not played too loudly.
  1. Improve Your LightingResearch from Cornell University has shown that working in proper lighting can increase productivity by up to 5 percent. There’s a lot to consider when working out the proper amount of lighting. Too much light can cause bedazzlement and will increase electricity costs; too little light can cause a reduction in performance and bad attitude towards the work.
  1. Get a Green Roof – The new trend among stylish businesses is turning their roofs green. This doesn’t mean painting the ceiling, but rather covering the rooftop with a layer of low-growing plants. As well as being environmentally friendly, and pretty, green roofs can help your productivity. A study from the University of Melbourne found that when subjects took a 40 second break to look at a green roof (as opposed to a concrete one) they had improved task performance and accuracy. They also where more alert after the break in concentration.
  1. Change Your Seating Arrangement – A startup called Humanyze tracked productivity in a office. They found that software developers who ate lunch in large groups wrote 10 percent more code than those who ate solo or with fewer colleagues. A lot of businesses have been looking into togetherplatform.com, a mentoring platform for business and employees to yield greater success in the workplace. Humanyze also recommend creating private, secluded spaces as well as comfortable places to meet in groups.

How does your environment change your productivity?

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