Guess Who Made It Onto Oprah’s List?

Oprah-Winfrey-Desktop-Wallpapers9As regular readers of this blog will know I’m a huge fan of Oprah. So I was very excited to have my book featured at  You can find the article here that is titled 6 Self Help Books That Actually Help.  Listful Thinking is number 3 on that list!

The article explains how you can use lists to find your true priorities. Everyone has made a pro/con list, but that doesn’t mean everyone has made a good list! As the article points out it’s important to factor every little detail into the decision making process.

Being featured in Oprah’s book club really feels like a full circle moment for me. Especially given that it’s almost exactly a year ago that I went to Oprah’s ‘The Life You Want Weekend‘ and I started this blog right as I went to one of the final tapings of The Oprah Winfrey Show in Chicago.

Now I can look back and smile knowing how far I have come and how far this blog and my book have come.  It’s true what Oprah says, “luck is where planning meets opportunity”.

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  1. Susie
    Susie says:

    Well done Paul! I have read your book and loved it! I always make lists, but not as effectively as I should have. I am still “tweeking” my list making and have back slide a bit, so a re read is in order for me! I do frequently share some of he tips I have learned with friends and family and encourage them to follow your tips. I hope (fingers crossed) to be using lists more effectively as I advance my career in the near future! Thanks Paula and wishing you continued success. Susie

    • Paula Rizzo
      Paula Rizzo says:

      Thanks so much Susie! So wonderful to hear from you and learn that you’re tweaking your list making skills! Keep me posted!


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