The Six Lists You Must Make

shopping-list-707760_640Are you one of those people that puts everything you need to do onto one list?

It’s a classic mistake I see people make over and over again.

You can’t mix your lists!

Just like you wouldn’t expect to find carrots in the candy aisle – ‘lose 15 pounds’ and ‘buy milk’ don’t belong on the same lists.

The key to making lists work for you is writing lots of different lists based on your specific needs. That way you will know where to access the information when you need it.

I got the opportunity to share 6 lists that everyone should be making every single day to be more productive with Fast Company.

  1. A to-do list
  2. An outsource list
  3. A goal list
  4. A pro and con list
  5. A project list
  6. A talking points list

Check out the article for an explanation for each one. I was lucky enough to be featured on this site, which you should really check out.  Fast Company is known for it’s focus on innovation and pushes business leaders to think past the typical and break boundaries too.  I find lots of great info on the site and they love lists as much as I do over there!

Check out the article called “The Six Lists You Need to Make Every Day Productive.”

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