A Simple Message We Should All Be Sending


My Mom (right) and Aunt Dee (left). Their friendship was always a source of inspiration to me.

It’s been a tough few weeks. My Aunt Dee — who is also my Mom’s best friend had several heart attacks on October 12th. Everyday since has been one step forward and then one step back. Sadly she passed away on Monday evening.

A week before her heart attack, Dee sent my Mom a card.

It was just a friendly hello, thinking of you type card. Dee wrote that she wanted my Mom to know that even though sometimes they didn’t talk or see each other as much as they’d like, she was loved and meant the world to her.

What a nice note to receive at any time!

Given the current circumstances — this note has been especially comforting to my mother.

The truth is she and Dee would talk all the time. They have a lifetime of memories, secrets and inside jokes. They would “touch base” as my Mom calls it, almost everyday even if it was just a quick email forward (my Mom is big on those,) an emoji text message, or a funny photo. They always kept on each other’s radar even when traveling or when things got busy.

It wasn’t uncharacteristic for Dee to send my mother flowers as a reminder that she was loved. They even have matching necklaces that say, “You Are Loved.” My mother is wearing hers now to keep her memories of Dee close to her. Dee was an amazing friend, mentor and woman.

Dee did it right. She never let anything go unsaid and everyone around her knew how much they mattered to her.

She always sent cards to everyone for holidays, birthdays and just to say hello. It made the recipient feel loved and special. Especially in this age of email and texting — it always made her stand out. She even would send me Halloween cards even though I’m not a little kid anymore! But it always made me feel loved.

To remember Dee I’m going to do something in her honor.

I went to Papyrus, my favorite stationery store, and bought up a bunch of beautiful cards. I’m sending them off to friends and family near and wide. I have a list of those people who have touched my life in big and small ways and I’m sending them a card to say “You Are Loved.”

I’d love it if you did the same. It can be a paper card, an email or even a text. I’m going to be doing it on social media as well and using the hashtag #YouAreLoved in honor of my beautiful Aunt Dee.

Feel free to use the graphic that I created below to send love to someone special today. You’ll be glad you did.

You are loved
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