Don’t Be A Scrooge This Christmas With This Checklist

baby-21971_640 (1)I get that we are all busy people and money is always tight around this time of year, but there is nothing I hate more than people who ring you one week before Christmas and say “Sorry we –
insert excuse here – so maybe we just shouldn’t exchange gifts this year.” As though Christmas somehow managed to take them by surprise despite being an annual holiday.

I know most people don’t buy their Christmas presents quite as early as me, but the majority have them sorted by the week before and a last minute cancellation can really throw them off.

Be considerate of others this Christmas and follow this checklist:

Have the ‘Christmas’ talk – If you’re going to spend your time finding the perfect present for someone, it’s important to make sure they actually want it.

Now’s the time to drop your friends and family a quick text to find out “Are we doing presents this year?”

There are lots of different options. You might just do presents for the kids or group together a Secret Santa with an agreed amount that suits everyone. Get it sorted now so you can get your list together!

Other things to start considering – where are you going for the big day? The earlier you get that locked down the fewer arguments there will be closer to the day!

Don’t stress yourself out – If you’ve just moved into a new house or you’re saving for a wedding you’re probably worrying about how to handle Christmas. There’s the desire to still be generous – but on a budget. Don’t be afraid to tell your family your concerns. You might agree to get something small this year or forgo presents altogether. Inevitably some might still get you an extravagant present, but you’ll know it was their choice.

Christmas cards – Yes, they’re already in stores before the Halloween candy had even gone on sale. As much as we grumble – it might be a good idea to start getting your list together now.  Especially if you are sending cards internationally as the deadline for those is much earlier. Cards may be a little old fashioned, but I like to send them to remind people that they are in my thoughts. If you want to be eco-friendly you could also consider ecards from Paperless Post.

What’s on your holiday to do list?

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