Free Up Time Now For a Fabulous Summer

summer-still-life-783347_640The days are starting to get longer, the weather’s a bit warmer – summer is on it’s way! I always love summer not just because of of the vacations, slower pace and sunshine — but I’m a summer baby. My birthday is in the summer so it’s always a fun time.

Are you ready for the summer? If you want to make sure you have the best summer possible you need to start planning now! I know it sounds ridiculous but I’m a firm believer in planning for vacations, events and fun in advance. It’s why I start my Christmas shopping in August!

Here’s how to guarantee that you have a fantastic Summer 2016!

Backtiming – I’ve talked a little about backtiming before. It’s a concept I got from working as a TV news producer. You start at the end goal and work backwards. So if you have a destination wedding in August — think about all the things you need to do beforehand. Make a list and then assign a deadline working backwards depending on how much time you need for that task. Put these tasks into your calendar so you don’t forget! For example, if you need to get a dress or suit tailored for this event think about how long that will take. Do you need to find the garment first? Then you’ll need to find a good tailor. Then allot enough time for the alterations. That will help you figure out how much time you need to leave for this task before the big day. This works for about all your big summer events like birthdays, and vacations, etc.

Vacation Dreaming – Where are you going this year and what are you going to do? I always like to give myself something to look forward to as it helps the colder months fly by. Even if you can’t afford a vacation or unable to get the time off, you could still imagine what your dream vacation would look like. Make a pinboard of all your favorite pics in Pinterest! It can help to boost your mood when you’re feeling bogged down at work. Here’s some other suggestions for taking a break right at your desk.

Summer Goals – Do you want lose weight by this summer or get a new job? You need to start planning now! With 12 weeks left until July 4th it may seem like you have plenty of time, but every week counts. If you’re looking for a new job — it might be time to refresh your resume. One of my friends told me about following online templates that actually work for tips on how to ensure your resume looks good and is up to date with your achievements. Perhaps they might be worth looking at! Some people find it useful to make a list of all the things they want in a new job to help them when they embark on the job search. Other people might want to lose weight over the summer — why not sign up to a local class or download an accountability app like Pact.

Dig out your swimsuit! – Is your closet filled with clutter? While your getting out your summer clothes why not take a moment to do a clear out? I recently used the Marie Kondo method to clean out my clutter and I had so much room afterwards! Her concept only allows you to keep items that truly bring you joy. It’s such a great concept to be surrounded by all the stuff you love.

How are you getting reading for the summer?

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