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PaulaAudioI have some exciting news to share with you. I just recorded the audiobook version of Listful Thinking. I love listening to audiobooks, I find it to be so much more time effective. So it seems only natural that Listful Thinking would work in audio form.

However, actually reading my book out loud did lead me to think about some of the things that work on printed paper, but don’t really translate to the audio format.

For example when I talk about visiting Paris in my book, I mention some restaurants and what street they’re on. Now while I do love France, I know that my French isn’t particularly good.

unnamed (5)So I was horrified when it came to this part of the book and the producer wanted me to read out the French street names. I was so embarrassed at the possibility of so many people having to listen to my terrible French! I may ask them to cut it out!

Overall though I really enjoyed my day recording my audio book I was worried my voice might start to give up towards the end, but I was fine.  I guess I’m used to doing a lot of talking!  I’ll let you all know when the audio book is for sale.

In other exciting Listful Thinking news, it’s been published in Japanese, Indonesian and Arabic. I already knew about the Dutch, Spanish and Chinese versions. I’m so excited that new countries will now be able to share the joys of list making with all of us.  

9786027321595The foreign language covers of my book are always so interesting to me. For example the Japanese one above looks a bit more like a comic book, although I suppose that is fitting!  I’m not sure why there’s a robot on there – but I like him.

I hope Marie Kondo gets a chance to check out the book – something tells me she’s a list maker too.

Oh and if you’re strapped for cash you can buy my book in Indonesia for only $3! What a bargain! The only catch is you’d have to learn Indonesian!

I’ve heard that the book will also be translated into Portuguese.  I’ll keep you posted when that happens.


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