Spring Cleaning Your Over-Stuffed Purse

Recently I was the subject of an intervention.  It’s true — I was out for drinks with my friend Brian and he said “we’re worried about you — you need help.”  Before you start to worry about me — he was talking about my purse! It’s overstuffed and weighing me down. haha!

OK– I will admit that I have an overstuffed bag. I like to be prepared for just about anything — but my poor shoulder is paying the price. So right there in the bar — Brian decided to dig through my bag and help me eliminate.  You’ll never believe what he found: Read more

Making Visual Lists With Pinterest

There are lots of different ways to make lists — handwritten, apps, typed out in documents, by calling your voicemail, and even by drawing pictures.  The website Pinterest.com is changing the list-making game.  I have been dedicating some real time to getting to know it and it’s fabulous.  It’s so much fun and once you start you won’t be able to stop!  My guest blogger Jennifer Anastasi is addicted!

Go Paperless With Pinterest

by Jennifer Anastasi

Have you heard of Pinterest? I’m a do-it-yourself, crafty type so I always have a list of project ideas a mile long. Previously, I thought I was pretty organized by keeping my ideas in a 3-ring binder and going through them every few months to weed out things that I’ve done or no longer plan to do. However, I’ve ditched the binder since discovering Pinterest. Seriously, I am in love with Pinterest and it has been so much fun to use it to organize my vision boards, craft ideas and more online! No more magazine clippings, random notes and paper scraps! I’ve gone paperless with Pinterest and you can too. Read more

Remembering Charla Krupp: Look Fabulous, Not Frumpy

I’m reposting this blog post as a tribute to an amazing journalist. Sadly — beauty and fashion expert Charla Krupp lost her battle with breast cancer last night. She was 58.

Charla has changed the way women think about their bodies and about what they put on each morning. Charla was a former Instyle and Glamour editor turned New York Times best-selling author of “How Not to Look Old” and “How to Never Look Fat Again.”

You may have seen her on TV through the years — she has appeared on every major network giving tips and tricks for looking your best.

When I first started this blog — she graciously wrote a guest post for me. Here are her tips for looking fabulous – not frumpy!

17 Tips to Look Fabulous — Not Frumpy

by Charla Krupp

1. If you have back fat, a tummy, or thighs that need slimming, wear shapewear. There are a lot of comfortable options– even for swimsuits with shapewear built-in. If you want to permanently get rid of the areas where you have a little more fat than you’d like, visit a CoolSculpting practice from NJ to talk about the fat freezing options you may have. Fat freezing may be the perfect solution for you, particularly if you’re not very body confident.

2. Pick your girls up as far as you can hoist them…in the right bra! If you haven’t had your bra fitted in years, you are likely to need a bigger cup and a smaller band.

3. Collar-length hair is more flattering on a full face than a bob with short bangs. Read more

Check Off Your List With Gifts That Give Back


One of the great pleasures of my job is working with Chris Kilham, Medicine Hunter. Chris is an alternative medicine expert who travels all over the world and has changed the way I think about medicine. In the three years that we’ve been working together on video segments I’ve also become friends with his fabulously savvy wife Zoe Helene. Like Chris she loves the outdoors and has a real respect for our environment. I thought she’d be the perfect person to help us find gifts that will give back this year. Some people are always looking for the best gift options for them at this time of year, even listening to Jay’s gift recommender to spark some ideas on the best gift for them. And with so many people clammering for a last minute gift delivery, why not do a little something for Mother Nature this holiday season while checking off your shopping list too?

Gifts That Give Back

by Zoe Helene

When Paula suggested I come up with a list of Gifts That Give Back, I knew the challenge would be to keep that list short. After collecting pages and pages of great stuff, I decided to keep this one focused on high quality traditional Christmas gifts that are also earth-friendly.

In the natural products industry we call that category ‘premium sustainable’. You might have heard it called ‘Luxury Eco,’ which is basically the thing. In a nutshell, these are high-end products that have produced in ways that are healthy for all parties along the chain of trade; and not just people, but planet, plants and critters too. Now that’s what I call true Christmas spirit. Read more

I’m Going Back to School With Oprah

Visit to The Oprah Winfrey ShowWhen Oprah went off the air in May 2011 no one was more upset than me. OK, well maybe my best friend Danielle. And OK…maybe lots of other people all over the world too. Danielle, our friend Jessica and I were fortunate enough to be in the audience for one of Oprah’s last shows.

Through the 25 seasons we learned valuable life lessons, makeup tips and met characters we would never have known existed without Oprah to show us. Not being able to check in with her everyday has left a huge void.

But thankfully that void will be filled today. I’m going back to school…and my teacher, once again, is Oprah. Danielle and I have planned a viewing party to watch the first episode of Oprah’s Lifeclass on OWN. We are two of the over one million students who will attend class. There’s still time to join the class by signing up online.

Here’s why you should join us:

1. It’s Oprah! You know people will be talking about this tomorrow — so why not be a part of history?

2. You’ll reconnect with the show you love. She will use portions of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” to teach lessons that matter most to her.  If you were a fan of the show — this is a great opportunity to see a bit of insight into each episode. Read more