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L is for Lists

L is for Lists (Photo credit: Swiv)

Sometimes even more important than a to-do list is an ignore list. I just made one this weekend actually. I wrote down all the to-dos that I wanted to accomplish. Then I reevaluated this list.

Sure I wanted to finish the slides for a presentation I’m doing in December…but it didn’t need to get done right now. Doing that task would push other more important tasks to the bottom of the pile. So I added it to my ignore list. This doesn’t mean I’ll never get to it – it just means that I don’t need to get to it right now. So I’m ignoring it this weekend.

Doing this will help you to prioritize and really look at each to-do individually. If you don’t have the drive, resources or time to complete that task right now — don’t. Put it on your ignore list. Eventually you can move it to your to-do list and get it done.

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  1. Darla Arni
    Darla Arni says:

    You are so right about the ‘ignore list’ issue! We don’t want our list to stress us out more; we want it to help us be more productive. Often times that means living in the now and focusing on what you CAN get done today, this hour, this minute instead of EVERYTHING on your list.

  2. Joan Y. Edwards
    Joan Y. Edwards says:

    Dear List Producer,
    Thanks for posting good ideas about how to get things done. I’m honored that you put a link to my post, How to Get Your To Do List Done. I appreciate it very much.
    Celebrate you and your willingness to help others.
    Joan Y. Edwards


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