5 Reasons to Say No and Get More Done


NO! (Photo credit: guercio)

Everyone wishes they had more time — more hours in a day and more days in a year. Who would have thought that making more time for yourself could be as simple as saying “no?”  Yep — that one word will give you your life back.

It’s easy to agree to a coffee break or to see that movie your friend has been obsessed with for weeks. But its important not just to say “yes” as a default answer. Do you really want to drop whatever you’re doing to get coffee? Or just not say “no” to a friend? We all end up saying “yes” to things we don’t actually want to do.  Then you don’t get to do the things you really want to do.  Of course, there are some things that you just can’t get out of.  
But saying “no” has so many benefits — like:
  1. Time to do whatever you’ve put on the back burner 
  2. Power to be more in control of your life
  3. Confidence to say no more often because the first time is the hardest
  4. Resisting the urge to do more and overextend yourself
  5. Opportunities you didn’t even know were out there will present themselves because you are more available
This is the biggest thing — being able to actually say “no!”  Remember that your time is valuable and that its OK to decline to volunteer to be a chaperone for a school trip, or take on another project at work. Don’t get roped into joining something unless its what you want to spend your time on. That way, you can stay more productive and create more free time in your schedule.
Check out this Washington Post article to find out more on how to effectively own your time.
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