4 Ways to Escape a “School’s Out” Mentality

Summer family jump

Summer family jump (Photo credit: Evil Erin)

Summer is here and it can be hard to escape the “school’s out” mentality.  Co-workers are leaving for vacation, and the office is slowing down. The sun’s out and all anyone wants to do is head to the beach or camp out poolside. It’s easy to start counting down the days until your own vacation.

This can be tempting, but we can’t spend the whole season with our minds somewhere else — unfortunately! It’s important to keep a good balance between your work and the rest of your life, especially in the summer.
Here are 4 ways to stay focused when it matters:

1. Make time for a break — While work is important, you won’t be productive if you’re tired or burned out. Plan a vacation during the summer months to get away for a week or two. When you come back, you’ll be refreshed and ready to get back to work.

2. Use your weekends — You only get two days off a week, so make them count! Go on a picnic with friends and family or take a day trip to someplace new. Break up your daily routine and put some pep back in your step — you might even find have a chance to cross an item off your bucket list!
3. Stay busy at work — This may seem obvious, but try to keep up your usual level of output at work. The office may seem slow during the summer, or your boss and co-workers might be away on vacation. But don’t let the changed environment affect you! It’ll be hard to get back on track once the pace picks up again. Instead, try to get ahead on a long-term project or use the time to complete things you’ve been putting off — like cleaning out your desk!
4. Communicate — As you would expect, people will be in and out of the office during the summer months. It’s important for you to communicate well with your boss and co-workers about when certain people won’t be available or if deadlines will be changed. That way, you can plan your work around any irregularities and make sure you aren’t sitting around waiting for someone to get back to the office.
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