Make Your Team More Productive With Asana

teamworkBeing productive is not always a lone effort. In my day job and with my interns for this blog, I frequently have to work with a team. Being productive with a team requires collaboration and good communication, but with more people involved there are more opportunities for someone to forget to “reply all.”

Recently my interns and I began using Asana, a web and mobile application, designed by Facebook employees to improve the company’s productivity. We like it because it has allowed us to send fewer emails and it never lets us busy ladies forget anything!

There are a few reasons we think you’ll love it too:

  1. You can work on multiple projects at once with the same team and create specific tasks within each project.
  2. You can easily assign different tasks to different team members.
  3. The mobile application features notifications that let you know when it is time to complete a task.
  4. You can use it at home too – say goodbye to chore charts forever!
  5. It allows you to see what everyone is working on without nagging!

Not convinced yet? Even though increased productivity is priceless, the service is free for teams with 15 or fewer members.

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