Add Fun to Your To-Do List With These Food Apps

Weekends are great for crossing off to-do’s, but you can’t forget to add fun and relaxation to the list.  Going out for a date night or hitting happy hour with your co-workers are fun ways to unwind from a stressful week. Here are some (free) dining and drinking apps to try out:


                                                       Drinking Apps

Untappd: If beer is your go-to drink, this is a great app. Not only will it give you a list of the most popular local bars but you get to share and read beer reviews. Whenever you try a new beer, snap a photo with your phone, upload it, and review it. The app keeps track of all the brews you’ve tried and gives you suggestions.  You can also follow friends to see what they are drinking and you can earn badges for your beer tasting!

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Hello Vino: I love wine — and this is a great app if you’re stuck in the wine aisle and not sure what to pick for dinner, a party, or a night in.  Hello Vino is a like a personal wine assistant to help you pair the right wine with the right occasion.

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Delectable: With this app you can search any wine you may be curious about and it will give you a full description to help you learn more about it. I also use it to take photos of wine labels to remember my favorite varietals.  It’s perfect if you want to become (or appear like) a wine connoisseur.

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Minibar: Hosting a dinner party and you forgot to get the liquor? No worries, you can get your wine and spirits delivered right to your house with FREE delivery with this app! You don’t have to awkwardly excuse yourself from your own party to run to the store and everything is guaranteed to be delivered in under one hour. This is my kind of outsourcing 😉 (only available in NYC right now)

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                                                    Dining Apps

Matchbook: This app is my go-to for dining out. Never forget a restaurant you’ve been to again, and keep track of the new ones you want to try out. It’s great to use when you and your friends are indecisive about where to eat. I also like to refer to it when people ask me for suggestions — I just pull out this app and pick an old favorite.

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Foodspotting: This app is a visual guide to find awesome dishes at great restaurants. Search by dish, place, or location to find the best of the best. You can upload a photo of a meal you think is delicious and share it. This app is unique because not only do you get to read recommendations but you can see what the food actually looks like. Warning: searching through this will make you very hungry!

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Sushipedia: Whether you love sushi or you’re a newbie just testing the waters this is great to have. Sushi menus can get confusing sometimes and you may not know what something is. This app will give you facts and information, photos, and allows you to search through different kinds of sushi you may want to try.

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Seamless: Staying in for the night? With Seamless you can search local restaurants, build your meal, and order for delivery/pickup all in one place. Simple and easy, and you don’t have to talk on the phone!

Screen shot 2014-04-24 at 5.50.41 PM


Happy Friday 🙂

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