What Your Favorite Character Says About Your Productivity

Certain characters always seem to stick with us. Beyond the quirky characteristics and clever one-liners, our favorite TV characters can reveal more about our personalities than we might think. For me — I tend to be drawn to the characters who are overachievers, organizers and outspoken.  Hmm…now that I think about it — I admire all of those skills.

So what do your favorite characters say about your productivity?

Dexter Morgan

Dexter Morgan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dexter Morgan from Dexter:  Everyone’s favorite serial killer is dedicated to details.  Each and every episode he tirelessly plans every single nuance of his latest kill. It sounds morbid and like something that I would hate but I was hooked on the series immediately.  If Dexter is your type of character you probably have a very organized closet and your morning routine is the same everyday, down to the minute.

English: Julie Bowen at the eTalk Festival Par...

English: Julie Bowen at the eTalk Festival Party, during the Toronto International Film Festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Claire Dunphy from Modern Family: Whenever anyone needs help, Claire’s knack for productivity always comes to the rescue.  She has run for public office, managed her household (including Phil and his antics) and is always organizing something for her kids’ school. If you identify with Claire you probably are the first one the raise your hand to volunteer to organize the neighborhood blood drive.

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Cristina Yang, Photo Credit: www.psych.wfu.edu

Cristina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy: As a surgeon, she orients her life around focus and ambition. Her career is her life and she lets little distract her.  Through the series other surgeons have come and gone, started families, changed specialties — but Cristina always knew what she wanted to do and has been laser focused.  If you’re a Cristina Yang — you are probably a high-achiever at work and don’t hesitate to pull an all-nighter.

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Monica Geller, Photo Credit: www.tvrage.com

Monica Geller from Friends: We all have that one friend in every group deemed “motherly” and for most list-makers out there, it could be you! Monica labels everything, from dishes to photographs, and manages to spread these habits onto her friends. Whenever around her, the rest of the cast becomes conscious of their own organization, as she encourages them to live up to their fullest potential of productivity.  If Monica is your kind of girl, I imagine you probably have a bin somewhere labeled “The Wonder Years” where all your school photos live.

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Claire Underwood, Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

Claire Underwood from House of Cards: Known as a woman who will “stop at nothing to conquer everything,” she is driven by success. Claire is independent and determined, which helps her capture positions of power to help better herself and her husband, Frank. Claire is a strong and conniving character. If you identify with her, chances are you may or may not have “accidentally” deleted your co-worker’s presentation minutes before a big sales meeting.  Good thing you’re always so prepared and could jump right in to give the presentation from memory.  🙂

Photo Credit: Erika Guynan

Danny Tanner, Photo Credit: Erika Guynan

Danny Tanner from Full House: From the minute Danny enters a room, you can expect every ounce of dust to be gone. As a single parent of three daughters with a full time job, Danny keeps everyone fed, dressed and on time. I’ll never forget the episode where the family goes on vacation and he whips out his “Clipboard of Fun.” If Danny is the character you love the most — chances are you are the go-to person to organize family reunions and school car washes.

Photo Credit: www.breakingbad.wikia.com

Walter White, Photo Credit: www.breakingbad.wikia.com

Walter White from Breaking Bad:  One of my favorite characters of all time — good ole’ Walt is so strategic and organized.  He’s a list maker and makes sure to always deliver his “product” on time.  Walter is a chemistry teacher turned meth cook and becomes a drug kingpin.  He is focused, skilled and knows when to give the job to someone else.  Outsourcing is one of my favorite things to do as well — it just saves so much time and energy!  If you are like Walter White — you probably got someone from TaskRabbit to put together your Ikea furniture while you bullet pointed your next business idea.


So which character is most like you?  Tell me why in the comments below.

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  1. Rebekah O'Neal
    Rebekah O'Neal says:

    I like Ryan on The Following and other law enforcement officials on shows like Criminal Minds because of the methodic ways they analyze information in order to solve a mystery and/or track down a criminal. Ryan’s “strategy” room full of files, notes, and whiteboards allows him to have all the details he needs to consider right at his fingertips!


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