It’s My Blog’s 3rd Birthday!

Happy BirthdayToday is my blog’s 3rd birthday, my “baby” is now a toddler! I can’t believe how fast the time has gone and I have all of my awesome productive followers to thank for making this such a success and supporting me.

For today’s post I thought it would be fun to go back in time and see where it all began! I started the blog after my husband Jay and I found our first apartment in Manhattan. We had a checklist of all the things we wanted in that apartment. Now three years later — we purchased our first apartment in Manhattan (also with a checklist!)

I’ve learned a lot through writing this blog and it has been through the good, the bad, and the ugly! So here is a look back at some of favorite posts, along with a few mishaps. You grow from mistakes as long as you learn from the, right?

Oldies But Goodies

Is Productivity Making Me Rude?:  In my never ending quest to be more efficient, I realized that perhaps I’ve become more short and rude.  This post is one of my favorites because I think it really addresses the things we miss when trying to do it all.  Check it out.

Evernote: An App to Organize Your Life: You all know about my love for Evernote by now, and I hope that I have converted you! Here is my very first post about my beloved app (and definitely not my last.) If you haven’t already, you should test it out for yourself.

How to Make Lists Work For You: This post is the epitome of what my blog is really all about – helping you to learn how to make lists work for you and your daily needs! My goal is to really help you become more productive in ways that fit your lifestyle.

Join National Unplugging Day: A few weeks ago was National Unplugging Day, and I pledged to turn away from the cyber world for a whole day. It was a huge CHALLENGE, but a great experience. Some of you may have participated as well – if not check it out and see if you can do it!! It’s nice to “unplug” for awhile.

20 Apps to Beat Holiday Stress: This post took lots of research and trial to test out the best of the best apps for beating the overwhelming holiday season. It was a really fun post to write, and these apps are still great to use for any season!

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Wine-Collecting List: Just because I love wine, and Gary gives you the full down-low of how to be a wine connoisseur this is one of my faves. Now Gary is a social media guru but he started out in wine. It’s a fun read.

Attempting New Things

List Makers Hall of Fame Contest: I tried out a Pinterest contest, that was kind of a bust! Only a few joined in but it was still fun to do! I will definitely try it out again in the future, so be on the look out :)!  We also started “Pintastic Tuesday” where we feature some fabulous pins.

Interns: I thought I should practice what I preach and outsource to help myself be less stressed and more productive. So this summer I hired an intern. This was the best decision I’ve ever made! It has been such a wonderful experience working with young people who have taught me so much and taken so much off my plate. Especially during this process of buying an apartment and moving — the blog has been able to sail on seamlessly because of the hard work of my current interns, Caitlin and Liz. My past interns Isabelle, Kayla and Audra have also been responsible for decreasing grey hairs and wrinkles for sure! (As a side note — I’m looking for a social media intern…if you know anyone who would be interested.)

Webinars: I’ve hosted two productivity webinars thus far. The first was one was “How to be More Productive in 2014.” Unfortunately there was a slight mishap and my slides didn’t work. Lesson learned: technology is not always your friend. Thankfully the second one about “Productivity Apps” went much smoother! I’m planning a few more in the next few months so please stay tuned for those announcements.

“Listful Thinking: Using Lists to be More Productive, Organized and Less Stressed:” One of my bucket list items has always been to write a book and this year it’s happening! Coming this fall will be my first book thanks to Viva Editions. They will be publishing the book that I’ve been waiting my whole life to write. Stay tuned for more info about that because I can’t wait to share this journey with all of you!

Overall, this blog has been a wonderful experience and I hope that all of you get as much out of it as I do. I really want to hear from you guys, so please feel free to let me what you what to see from the blog!! Happy List Making!

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  1. Darcie
    Darcie says:

    3 years already ! wow now I see how far along I’ve come as being a more organized business women — with your help. Love the posts … I may not always respond but I always learn a little something with every email post I get from you. Happy Birthday List Producer.


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