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speekJust wanted to remind you all that I’m doing a live call tonight to help you get more done! If you have an endless to-do list sitting in front of you — listen up. You do not have to do all the things on that list. It’s true! Give yourself a break and get a little help. I’m talking about outsourcing your tasks to get someone else to do them for you so you can get your time and your sanity back.

Just because you CAN do all the things on that list, doesn’t mean you HAVE to do all those things yourself. There are major benefits that come from having an extra set of hands.

If you’d like ideas on what exactly you can outsource from your to-do list and how to get it done cheaply — join me and Speek’s Chief Operating Officer, Konrad Waliszewski, for a virtual fireside chat on Speek:

When: Wednesday, September 10 at 8:00 PM Eastern


Topics discussed will include:

  • How does outsourcing benefit you?
  • How to find help from people who ‘get’ you.
  • The websites and apps you can use to outsource your to-do list.

I’ve written before about Speek, a relatively new app, which makes conference calls super easy and simple!  You can sign up for a unique URL for free and share it with people when you want to conduct a call. I regularly use Speek for interviews, chatting with fellow co-workers, or with my interns to brainstorm ideas for this blog.  

I look forward to speek-ing with all of you tonight!

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  1. Natalie Bean
    Natalie Bean says:

    Hey Paula,
    Any plans for a future phone call? I could not make the one on 9/10. Also, is it recorded so I can listen to it now.
    Thanks for all you do!
    Natalie Bean

    • Paula Rizzo
      Paula Rizzo says:

      Hi Natalie! Thanks so much for your comment. There will be a recording. As soon as I get it from the folks I will be sure to post it on the blog. There will be other calls, webinars and events in the future for sure. Thanks for your interest!


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