Meetings Don’t Have to Be An Eye Roll

doOne of my least favorite things is going to meetings. Sometimes you have a good meeting and you’ll walk away with a much better understanding of the task at hand. However, I find that the majority of these structured get togethers are painfully unfocused and disorganized, especially if they’re on the phone. Even when there is a clear plan of action for a meeting, people will often go off on tangents discussing their vacation plans or the weather. I get it, it’s just human nature but it’s still not productive! If you are looking for ideas to improve the quality of meetings in your organisation, you might want to check out something like Board Portal to help you get started.

I recently stumbled across, a website that helps you keep meetings on track. creates a visual timeline of your meeting that everyone can follow. The service also allows you to set an agenda, define what outcomes you want for you meeting and track the followups. Making it more likely that you will leave with that ‘good meeting’ feeling. To guarantee a good feeling after a meeting, make sure you also have the basics down. The main thing is to arrive early so you can prepare and impress potential clients. If you are travelling as a group then you can make sure you arrive together on time by travelling together. The best way to do this varies on your location. For example, if your business meeting is in Illinois then you can decide to travel by train or to arrive at the front door using one of the illinois charter bus companies. The decision is up to you. If you arrive on time then you can have even more time to prepare using!

I was curious to see if it could actually improve the quality of my meetings, so I tried it few weeks ago for a business planning call that I had set up for my book launch.

Here are some of my thoughts on the pros and cons of using this service:


  • I liked that I could go in ahead of time and plan out everything that we need to talk about. Plus it was all in one place, which ensures that everyone on the call is on the same page.
  • I’m able to make notes and figure out what sort of follow-ups need to be made for each item.
  • integrates with Evernote so you can just upload your notes right there afterwords.


  • Unfortunately adding items to the agenda is not as easy and it could be. You have to add the next item to the bottom of the list and then drag it where you want it. I’d much prefer if you could just put things in order as you as you go.
  • Also there is no way to assign items to each person. Instead I had to write the person’s name in big letters so that they can see what item was their responsibility. I think a feature to assign tasks would be a huge improvement. That way, once you get off the call, everyone knows who needs to be taking care of what.
  • Right now you can only use this service with Gmail but according to the website that will change very soon. So stay tuned for that.

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  1. Michael North
    Michael North says:

    Hey Paula,
    Congratulations on your upcoming Book, & thank you for that
    Tip from a couple years ago, using “Airplane” mode when recharging
    your Cell phone. I absolutely LOVE IT…!!!!


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