A List of iOS 8 Updates You May Not Know About

ios8logoI recently updated my phone to an iPhone 6. It’s much faster then my old phone (the 4s) and I like the new features Apple has added to iOS 8. While some of the updates like the health app are more widely known, there are also a few little features that Apple has added to make your life that little bit easier.

Here are some iPhone shortcuts you should try:

1. Scan your credit card – If your ordering something online and it asks you for your credit card number you no longer have to type the whole thing in. Just take a picture of your credit card and your number will be uploaded.

2. Apps based on your location – In the new update the app store will now display app icons in the bottom left hand corner of your lock screen depending on your location. For example if you’re in a Starbucks it’ll show the Starbucks app.  It’s smart and a little creepy.

3. Hey Siri – You can now use Siri entirely hands free. If you just go to Settings – General – Siri and tap allow on the ‘Hey Siri’ option. Then next time you need help all you have to do is say “Hey Siri” to activate your phone. This option only works when the phone is plugged into a charger, but it’s great to use when you’re driving.

4. Share your location – Lost your friends? The new update allows you to send your location to someone via imessage. Just open your conversation and click on the details tab in the top right hand corner. In there you will see the option to send your location to someone. Or you can share your location, so they can track where you are going, which is great if you know you’ll be moving around.

5. Make calls over WiFi – Don’t worry about dropping out of calls due to poor signal, as long as you have a WiFi signal you can call through the instead! Sadly this feature is only available if you’re a T-Mobile user, but hopefully the other carriers will allow you to use this feature soon.

What’s your favorite feature of the iOS 8 update?

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