Checklist to Finish What You Started

finishI have loads of advice about how to get started with a big project on this blog. But what about finishing a task? Most people assume that when you’re in that final stretch it will all fall into place. However, sometimes finishing can be just as difficult! Especially if you’ve put all your motivation into getting started.

Here’s a checklist to help you finish what you started!

1. Stop asking for advice – My friend Terri wrote about this recently, she calls it an addiction to advice. When you’re addicted you become so wrapped up in getting all the best possible advice from the best people that you never get around to actually doing it. Sometimes you just have to get on with it! Plus once your project has started to take shape you will find yourself getting more specific feedback.

2. Get reinspired – Why are you doing this project? It’s a good question and sometimes the answer is not always obvious. When you really think about what got you started you might find you have strayed a bit far from the path. Going back to basics and re-visiting your original goals can help to get you motivated again.

3. Move the goalposts – If you’ve been slogging away at a project and finding little return, it might be time to re-examine your expectations. Perhaps you were a little overzealous with your original plans. It’s okay to cut back and make more realistic expectations. Or if a task seems never ending try cutting it up into smaller chunks to help you feel more of a sense of accomplishment.

4. Accept that it will never be perfect – Sadly no matter how hard you try, some projects can never truly be perfected. If you have been working on something for a while or you find yourself putting in a lot of effort to make small changes, it might be time to call it quits. You have done your best and next time around you’ll be better prepared.

5. Don’t forget about it – When you’ve finished a project it might be tempting to cast it aside for something shiny and new. However some goals still require a little maintenance once they’ve been reached. For example – if you’ve recently lost a lot of weight, it might be tempting to delve into the chocolate and the cakes. But maintaining a healthy diet is important to stop the cycle from repeating.

What projects are you trying to finish?

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