4 Ways to Organize Your Closet With Ease

I am a huge Marie Kondo fan, I love how she know how to make decluttering look so simple. In reality though I sometimes find decluttering and ongoing and tiresome task. Besides what exactly do you do with your wardrobe once it’s decluttered? How do you make it work for you?

Monisha Kapur is a stylist and wardrobe consultant – so I figured why should I try to tell you how to organize your closet when I can just defer to her expertise. Plus she was a student of mine in my online course teaching experts how to get media attention.

In my latest video interview, Monisha reveals her favorite app for organizing your closet. You can watch it here!

Here are some of Monisha’s top tips:

The Yearly Fit Test and Toss – To have a working closet you need to first get rid of the clutter. If clothes have been in your closet for a year and you haven’t worn them or they don’t fit- it’s time to toss or donate them.

It’s in the Hangers- Hangers make a huge difference. All of your hangers should be the same (Monisha’s preference is wood hangers) so your eye focuses immediately on your clothes and you can quickly pull them out quickly. Also, be sure to use clothing specific hangers such as pant hangers so your clothes won’t get creased and you can have easy access to them.

Sort it Out – Hang / fold clothes by category. Keep all tops, all pants, all blazers, etc. together. To maximize efficiency hang your clothes up in the same order you plan your outfit. For example, if you start your outfit planning with tops first, then bottoms, then jackets. Then that is how your closet should be organized so you can pull all the items in order without wasting time going back and forth.

Accessory Station – Tangled necklaces and searching for a missing earring can cause delays and frustration, especially if the necklace in question is that beautiful Haruni pendant you got a short while ago that is so precious to you. Keep necklaces, earrings, and bracelets in separate clear bins on a table or just outside of your closet (depending on space). Use wall space in your closet to put up a towel rod and hang scarves and belts so you can see them better.

To learn more check out the video on my YouTube channel.

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