Five Ways to Balance Kids and Productivity

One of the most challenging parts of the COVID-19 pandemic for so many people has been balancing work with family.

It used to be that you’d send your kids off to school or daycare and then go to work, but now everything is happening in your home!

So if you’re struggling to balance your home life with working, you’re not alone.

My friend Cass McCrory is a mother of four, a marketing entrepreneur, and the host of the Real Women in Business Podcast. She knows a thing or two about kids and productivity!

I spoke to her on my live-streaming show, Inside Scoop. You can watch our full conversation here.

Here are five of Cass’s suggestions for how to balance your kids with your productivity goals.

1.  Set an intention. 

Cass says when she had kids, everything changed — her focus was totally different. Her children became her priority. So setting intentions every day helps her keep her cool when she has to balance so many things — the needs of her four kids, her job and ambitions, and being a present partner to her husband.

For example, Cass says she’ll think to herself, “I’m going to show up in this experience with the intention of being full of flow, I’m gonna be calm as a cucumber. I’m going to roll with what comes from me here.” 

Cass says that can change the energy you bring to your day and give you a strong foundation to handle whatever comes your way. 

2. Go with the flow.

This is a lesson Cass talks about a lot that I’ve really connected with. I love planning and making lists, but going with the flow sometimes is just as crucial.

You have to accept that sometimes all your plans just will not work out as expected. And that’s okay! Be prepared to let go of your expectations and roll with the punches.

3. Use the “fun first” rule.

Sometimes we feel like we need to get everything done before we have fun. This is especially true when you have kids!

But the truth is that sometimes doing the fun thing first is the best option. The fun thing gives you the enthusiasm you and your kids need to succeed for the rest of the day. 

4. Give yourself a break

Parents can be really hard on themselves — especially moms. You’re trying to be the best you can be for your kid, and that’s no small job (on top of your job-job, of course!).

Cass has a message for you, so listen up: You’re probably doing better than you give yourself credit for, even if you don’t get to half the things on your list for the day. Recognizing all the things you’re doing right and accomplishing can help give you the confidence to work on what you want to improve. 

5. Communicate and set boundaries.

Cass recommends being honest with your child(ren) about what you need — and then asking them what they need too.

Cass recommends saying, “I need two hours of uninterrupted time,” and then follow that up by asking your kids how you can prepare them to feel good about being independent for that period of time. Ask them what would make them feel comfortable, cared for, and understood while you work so that you’re both happy. 

Being a parent is never easy, and especially not during a pandemic when you’re working from home. But these strategies will also allow you to improve your productivity even after things have gone back to normal!

For more from Cass check out her “unplanner” here – it will help you to set intentions and get the right things done. 

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