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Talk Lists With Me This Thursday

rp_BEA1-1024x750.jpegI’m excited to share this news with you today.  

One of my favorite things about my book, Listful Thinking being published is it’s given me the chance to meet so many of you!

It’s helped me realize there are so many different ways to apply list making to life — it’s not only about being more productive or organized. Lists can help make you less stressed and happier too.  

I’m having another book Q&A and meet and greet this week! It will be on Thursday, April 7th at 6pm at WeWork on East 42nd Street in Manhattan.  You’ll get a copy of Listful Thinking with your ticket!

It’s being hosted by the New York chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers — NAPO.  My good friend Sandra is a member of the board and will be interviewing me during the event.   We recently went to see Marie Kondo together when she was in NYC.

I will be talking about my inspirations, tips and some of the classic list-making errors at Thursday’s event.

Trust me when you talk about lists all day you hear all the classic mistakes people make. The number one problem is putting everything on the same list!

Over and over I will see a list that goes something like:

  1. Be more confident
  2. Go to Italy
  3. Pick up dry cleaning
  4. Write a book
  5. Email Terri about outline

It might be obvious to some of you that these things don’t belong on the same list, but I see it pretty often.  

Wanting to write a book and pick up your dry cleaning doesn’t belong on the same list.

Just as you can’t lose 10 pounds overnight, you won’t magically become more confident or write a book in the next 24 hours. The truth of this classic list making mistake is that long term plans are scary!

It’s much easier and safer to put this farfetched goal on your daily list and claim you never got round to it, then it is to actually put the planning and effort into achieving something.

Having these good intentions is also a way of procrastinating achieving actual results. Something as simple as having a daily list and a long term goals list separately can help you to shift this mentality.

At my Q&A I’ll go into more details about the different lists you can use for all aspects of your life.  And I’ll talk about outsourcing and my favorite productivity apps too.

I’d love to see you there. Click here to RSVP and get your ticket.

What’s Happening in 2016

sylvester-1097596_6402015 was a very exciting year for me. In January my book Listful Thinking came out!  I got to meet so many interesting new people at book signings and at Book Expo America plus I got to meet some of you — the readers of this blog!  What an incredible opportunity.

In 2015 I also created my first online course, Take Back Your Inbox: Stop Drowning in Unread Messages, Respond Quicker and Finally Achieve Inbox Zero. I designed the course to help you feel less overwhelmed by your email. Something I struggled with big time but found some smart solutions to fix!

I also took some exciting vacations to Florida, Puerto Rico, Mexico and San Francisco — with a visit to the Google headquarters!

I have a lot of exciting plans in mind for ListProducer.com in 2016. I made a video to share them with you. Hopefully this is the start of a new trend and I’ll be sharing more videos this year!

Click here to watch it.

Listful Thinking is Published in Dutch

2edd36a12109c37fa5c2542134911455_cache_In September, I was excited to discover that my book Listful Thinking had been published in Spanish and Chinese. It’s so interesting to me how a love of lists can translate into different cultures.

Well it’s happened again.

My book is now available in Dutch, under the title ‘Everything at a Glance‘. That title makes the book sound so much more philosophical!

As part of the release in the Netherlands I was interviewed by one of their largest newspapers this week called Algemeen Dagblad.

During the interview I discovered that lists where incredibility popular in the Netherlands. Clearly it’s a country I should visit!

For the Dutch, list making is seen as a way to keep your mind and your life in order. Isn’t that great?

Just had to share the exciting news with all of you.  Can’t wait to see where else my love of lists will go!

Guess Who Made It Onto Oprah’s List?

Oprah-Winfrey-Desktop-Wallpapers9As regular readers of this blog will know I’m a huge fan of Oprah. So I was very excited to have my book featured at Oprah.com.  You can find the article here that is titled 6 Self Help Books That Actually Help.  Listful Thinking is number 3 on that list!

The article explains how you can use lists to find your true priorities. Everyone has made a pro/con list, but that doesn’t mean everyone has made a good list! As the article points out it’s important to factor every little detail into the decision making process.

Being featured in Oprah’s book club really feels like a full circle moment for me. Especially given that it’s almost exactly a year ago that I went to Oprah’s ‘The Life You Want Weekend‘ and I started this blog right as I went to one of the final tapings of The Oprah Winfrey Show in Chicago.

Now I can look back and smile knowing how far I have come and how far this blog and my book have come.  It’s true what Oprah says, “luck is where planning meets opportunity”.

Make This List to Get More Out of Your Day

412+FUKrQdLFrom CEOs to janitors, we all have the same problem – we don’t have enough time.

In fact, when you think about it, time is an equalizer.  That’s because we all only get 24 hours.

Even the President is forced to squeeze all his tasks into that 24-hour time frame.

So how do we do it?

I recently visited the Google headquarters with my husband in Mountain View, CA.  Our gracious guide Gopi Kallayil discussed this conundrum with us as he showed us around the gorgeous campus.

At one point he asked us, “If you only had one hour what would be the next one thing you would do with it that would maximize the quality of joy, presence and life?”

It’s a great question for unveiling your true priorities.

Often you’ll be surprised by how little time you dedicate to the things you would put at the top of that list. Read more