Checklist for the Gym

I’ll be the first to admit — I’m not a gym person. I’m not really a workout person unless typing counts. But I do like to walk and I really love yoga when I can get to a class. I wish I was better about fitting it into my schedule and making yoga a habit.  I’m adding that to my self-improvement to-do list.

But if you are a gym person it’s important to know what to bring with you! Melissa Paris is a trainer in New York City and she compiled this list so you’ll always be prepared for your workout.

Checklist for the Gym

by Melissa Paris

Like you I am always on the go! My day is never the same and my outfits may vary depending on if I am working out OR if I am training a client. I live out of my gym bag and have lists for lists for lists! I am a personal trainer, fitness competitor, blogger, you name it…I think I may do it.

There are 5 things that I never leave home without:

1. Extra Socks: Have you ever worked out and either forgot your socks and had to go barefoot in your sneakers OR had to wear the same socks you left in your bag from the previous workout? I don’t know what is worse! I always pack an extra pair of socks so I can have a great workout without sliding around in my shoes and my bag doesn’t smell!

2. Toner and Cotton Balls: An easy way to save some money on facials is to clean your face after a workout. Especially after that Friday morning sweat fest from your Thursday after work happy hour your letting go of lots of toxins that you do not want settling back into your skin. Grab some toner and swabs and wipe down those pores!

3. Extra hair ties: Unless your not bothered by wet hair clinging to your neck while your on your last hill in an intense spin class or have the patience and strength to hold your hair up for an hour I suggest you pack some extra hair ties. There is nothing worse than trying to use a regular rubberband to hold back a horse like mane for an hour of intense cardio or weight training session.

4. iPod: I don’t know about you but the little voice in my head annoys me sometimes so I NEED my iPod! It does not matter if I just need some extra motivation to get me through a tough routine OR to get through a 20-mile run for the marathon…tunes can change your mood.

5. Water Bottle: This is by far the most important one of all. I NEVER leave without water. Next time you see me…stop me on the street and check my bag. The human body is made up of approximately 60% water. We need water to survive, to think clearly, to function, to regulate body temperature…the list goes on. Calculate your fluid intake here.

Melissa Paris is a top trainer at Reebok Sports Club in Manhattan. She works with each client on an individual basis, focusing on achieving long-term results through challenging and varied workouts, as well as centering on the positive, self-empowerment, and enjoyment aspects of the process. Check out her website and follow her on Twitter.


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