6 Fun Ways to Take a Break and Avoid ‘Summeritis’

Summer Shoes

Summer Shoes (Photo credit: Klearchos Kapoutsis)

I’ve been trying to fight it but I have “summeritis.” The official definition (that I’ve made up) is when “you’re more focused on your vacation, the weather, summer cocktails you want to make or just about anything summer related rather than your work.”

While it’s healthy to daydream – there’s work to be done people! I try to take a few breaks during the day to recharge. Taking a walk to get a cup of tea or talk to a coworker is all you need sometimes. Pressing the pause button for a few minutes can give your mind time to rest and prevent burn out or frustration. Then, when you do get back to work, you’ll be more focused and productive.

So next time you’re feeling stuck sitting at your desk, try one of these fun ways to break up your day!

  • Do a Doodle: Coloring isn’t just for kids! Sometimes getting work done is all about staying in the lines. So when you take a break, color outside those lines and let your mind wander.
  • Listen to Music: Pick you latest favorite, the song you can’t seem to get out of your head, or an old throwback that will remind you of the best part of the 90’s. Whatever your choice, turn it up — Maybe even sing along! (If you work in an open newsroom like I do — this will be a very interesting activity for everyone around you as well.) A little cheesiness never hurt anyone.
  • Bust a Move: Why stop at the music? Make your break a full-on jam session! Solo-dance parties can be the best, it’s all about you and the music. No one can judge your dance moves, no matter how spazzy. I realize if you work in an office this could be tough. Get your coworkers to join in so you’re no the only weirdo dancing.
  • Phone a Friend: In this day of emails, texts, and tweets, talking to your friends or family may not actually include talking to them. Go for a short walk and call up an old friend (no need to wait until you’re in the hot seat on Who Wants to be Millionaire). Be clear that you only have a few minutes. It’ll be a great way to take a break from your work and whomever you call will appreciate you reaching out.
  • Treat Yourself: It’s OK to have that pain au chocolate you’ve been eying or get a manicure. You know you want to! Call it a reward, bribe, or pick-me-up, but giving yourself incentives to get things done can keep you focused and more productive.
  • Strike a Pose: I’ve become a real believer in the power of yoga through the years. I try to do at least 10 minutes everyday and it really makes me feel more relaxed and focused. If you’re wilting at your desk — a simple forward fold or high lunge will do wonders.
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