Four Ways to Refresh Your Closet For Fall

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To me, fall means leaves changing color, pumpkin-flavored everything (including M&Ms, they’re new!) and that exciting moment when it’s finally cool enough to wear my favorite blazer. If you’re like me and you have limited closet space (thanks NYC,) reincorporating those fall sweaters into my wardrobe means cleaning out my summer clothes to make extra room.

After you’ve regained some precious closet real estate, take advantage of the time it takes to put away all your fall clothes and try a modern technique to be more efficient with your time and closet space. Check out this list of tips and tricks that you can try when reorganizing your closet for fall. Who said productivity couldn’t have style?

1. Try a modern closet DIY. Try cutting pool noodles into one-foot sections and putting them in your boots to help them keep their shape.

2. Try the “Stylish Girl” app. We’ve posted about this app before and concluded that even though it might be time-consuming to take pictures of all of your clothes, it can save you much more time by planning your outfits early. This app is still a must-have for a modern girl-on-the-go!

3. Organize items by color and group them by style. This makes it easier to find items you are looking for. No more wasting time in the morning looking for your favorite pants!

Time spent organizing your closet pays off quickly. The average American wastes 55 minutes a day looking for things around the house that’s about 6.4 hours a week and roughly 335 hours a year – you could binge-watch all six seasons of Lost and still have time left over!

4. Have a clothing swap! Invite over a friend who wears the same size as you and trade pieces to extend the lives of both of your wardrobes.

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  1. Linda
    Linda says:

    I hang the hangers backwards when I put them in the “main” closet each season. If the hanger isn’t facing a normal way when I swap out the season, then the item gets donated. It motivates me to wear everything and if I haven’t then it’s time for it to go away.


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