Fab Find: Cross Off To-Dos with HandyBook

Handybook LogoIf you’ve ever hosted Thanksgiving, you know how much has to get done before the turkey gets served. This year, many will be celebrating the first night of Hanukkah on Thanksgiving as well, and that means double the prep! This is the time of year for long to-do lists, so it’s important to remember to get help to avoid getting burnt out and stay cheerful! Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Get outsourcing!

I think outsourcing the things on your to-do list is a great way to get more done. I’ve written before on services like TaskRabbit, that will run all of your errands for you all over town! And FancyHands will do virtual task for you. But for this week’s Fab Find I’m talking about Handybook.com — because what good are fabulous things if you don’t share them? HandyBook is a service that allows you to book help for in-home services like cleaning and furniture assembly.

Here are a few productive uses for HandyBook:

  1. Home Cleaning: Would reorganizing your closet mean sacrificing your kitchen and bathroom cleaning time for the week?
  2. Furniture Assembly: Nobody goes to IKEA and leaves with “just a few things.” Hire someone to help with all of those instruction manuals and assemble your new furniture for you – with all that free time you can enjoy another meatball!
  3. Plumber Services: Plumbing problems from all of those Thanksgiving and Hanukkah guests? Sit back and digest that turkey while someone else fixes it for you.
  4. Heavy Lifting: Need to move around some large furniture pieces to make room for your Christmas tree? Hire a mover to assist in your holiday shuffle!
  5. Handyman: Need to make your home seem a bit more “homey” before your parents come to visit? Have someone hang all of your family photos to welcome mom and dad.

One of the best things about this service is the time you’ll save Googling and trying to figure out if the vendor you’ve found is a good match. Sometimes it’s much easier to let someone else do all the vetting for you. Handybook.com will give you a background-checked vendor within minutes. So not only will it save you time doing the task you need accomplished but it will also save you a headache of figuring out the best person for a the job. Enjoy your extra time!


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