6 Friends Who Help Your Productivity

friendsFriends are great. They make you laugh, they listen to your problems, they help you when you need it.  But believe it or not — friends are also great for your productivity. Whether it’s a sounding boards for your ideas or projects or holding you accountable for your goals — there are lots of different things we can learn from our friends. They all help us be more productive in different ways.

Here’s my list of the types of friends and how they help you:

‘The Mom’ – This is your hyper-organized friend. You know, the one whose a little over zealous. When she’s done checking off things off of her to-do list she starts thinking about yours. The benefit of having this friend is that she will often send you little reminder texts – ‘Don’t forgot you said you’d meet Sally for lunch tomorrow’. We all need a little memory jolt every now and again. Sometimes this friend can be a little much – just like your Mom. But they mean well (and so does your Mom!)

‘The IT Guru’ – This friend probably works with computers and is always in the know about the latest technology. They keep you informed about all the features on your Smartphone you never knew existed but makes your life so much easier.  And when your laptop is having a meltdown — they know exactly what to do. Just note that if your friend fixes your computer for you – it’s good to help them with a problem their having in return.

‘The Dreamer’ – This is your friend with big plans and big ideas. They encourage you to go after your goals. Whether it’s suggesting travel ideas for your pinboard or helping you design your wedding book. This friend is always ready to be creative and you can’t help but feed off their energy.

‘The friend who is always late’ – Everybody has one. If you don’t then it might be you! You always lie and tell them an event starts a half an hour before it actually kicks off and even then they still manage to be late. You’re probably wondering how they help you productivity? It’s because they teach you to always have a back up plan! What are you going to do if Jenny’s running 20 minutes late and she has the tickets? (I would recommend not leaving such a crucial task to this friend, but it’s not always possible!) This friend also serves as a constant PSA for why punctuality is so important.

‘The Critic’ – This friend may be a bit blunt with you, but it’s because they want you to succeed. They’ll question how you plan to achieve your goals and always seem to ask you how a project is going right when your ready to give up. It’s normal to get a bit frustrated with this friend, but remember they’re only pushing you because they know you can do better.

‘The Listener’ – The quiet one and the most compassionate of all your friends. You can call them whenever you’re stressed out of your mind and tell them everything that’s gone wrong. This friend doesn’t really have any advice, they just let you talk and talk until you discover your own solution.  How productive is that?

What kind of friend are you?

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