How to Schedule Meetings in a Snap

Learn how to become a better schedulerSometimes it feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done, and in spite of making and maintaining a list to help us streamline our lives, some things still end up causing unneeded stress.

For me, I get a bit anxious whenever I need to schedule a meeting.  It seems silly but the thought of having to look at my calendar and come up with several options stops me in my tracks.  I usually end up putting off those types of emails for a while and they take up valuable space in my in-box for too long.
There are a number of online programs and apps that can alleviate stress and streamline the process of scheduling meetings:

YouCanBook.Me— With a simple setup, you can connect your Google calendar to your YCBM profile. What’s really nice is it allows you to embed your YCBM account directly on your website. This way your clients can quickly schedule an appointment without having to waste time creating an account themselves. It can be a little inflexible, but it’s worth a try.

Calendly— Calendly  is another program that connects directly to Google calendar. Similarly to the other programs on this list, it is rather easy to use and takes the burden of scheduling (often through bothersome phone tag!) off your shoulders.

My biggest issue with it is that you can’t embed the program directly on your webpage. But it is still easy to set up a personalized Calendly URL and send your clients directly to your Calendly page. Overall, though, it is a surprisingly intuitive process that can free you up to get on with more pressing matters.

TimeTrade— TimeTrade is a barebones way to easily set up appointments. While the user interface is a little bland, the ease of use is amazing! It requires minimal information from either you or your clients, streamlining the sometimes messy process of signing up for appointments.

The biggest issue I have found with TT is it requires you to send out invites to sign up for meetings.  But if you can get past that then it is an easy to understand program that can fit most needs.

ScheduleOnce— Another one that connects with your Google calendar, ScheduleOnce is a straightforward and accessible option. With helpful hints and tips, it stands out in that it is highly customizable and a quick and painless process. ScheduleOnce is really customizable, with an engaging social media page feel to it. Aesthetically speaking, this one is one of my favorites to use for this reason.

With these easy to use programs, we can all destress the stressful game of juggling our many priorities – our job, our family, and even our blogs!

How do you handle scheduling appointments?

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