Another App Bites the Dust — Wun Wun is Done


If you follow this blog you’ll know that I seem to be cursed when it comes to apps. As soon as I find an app I like, it closes down, or gets bought out. Remember Umano, Astrid, Orchestra SpringPad and CardMunch.

It’s happened again.

I very rarely eat Shake Shack, mainly because they don’t do delivery and aren’t available on Seamless. So for the odd times when I feel like a burger I normally order through Wun Wun.  That’s the delivery service that I’ve told you about in the past and it’s even in my book!  They’ll get whatever you need from a store or restaurant in under an hour.  Perfect.

So you can imagine how disappointed I was when I opened my Wun Wun app to find it had been closed down.

Wun Wun has been brought out by Alfred, so their delivery option is only available through the Alfred app service. Alfred specializes in taking care of your chores for you, which you know I’m all about.  Love me some outsourcing.

The cheapest package is a tidy-up service that costs $15 a week, which includes things like making the bed, doing the dishes and taking out the trash. If you want the option to ask for something special, like food delivery, you’ll shell out $22 bucks a week. This more expensive plan includes the tidy up features, plus restocking the fridge, mailing parcels and doing your laundry. The Alfred app is only currently available in New York City and Boston.

Since Alfred didn’t really seem like a viable alternate for my Shake Shack problem, I turned to Postmates. One advantage Postmates has over Wun Wun is that it has restaurant menus on their website, so you can just click to order what you want.  That’s a step up from Wun Wun because you’d have to remember the weird burger names (Shackburger) and type it in yourself. The food arrived within a reasonable time and filled my burger fix.

The only downside to Postmates is delivery cost. The flat fee is $5, but it gets higher for longer distances. Plus there’s an additional  9% service fee. Altogether it costs considerably more than Wun Wun. I had a discount code this time so I didn’t have to pay as much. But I don’t think I’ll be getting Shake Shack in the future for such a high delivery cost.

Do you have any solutions to my Shake Shack delivery problem?

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